Data scientist

P&V Belgium
Sept. 2017- Now

Data scientist

  • as part of the Advanced Predictive and Analytics team, I provide advanced analytical support to the bank by analysing and modelling (big) data sets
  • ING analytics community development
  • Python, Spark, machine learning, scala, d3.js, R, ...
ING Belgium
Jul. 2016- Aug. 2017

Business Intelligence/ (big-)data scientist Consultant

  • Large data set analysis, modelling, manipulations and visualization to help the client to answer strategic and tactical questions
  • 6 projects for 5 clients (startup, banking, insurance, R&D with ministry, logistics) in data science, business intelligence and data integration.
  • R, Qlikview, Hadoop, Python, Spark, machine learning, d3.js, ...
Business & Decision
Feb. 2015- Jun. 2016

Data scientist, PhD student in particle physics

  • Data Analysis: Search for new particles in the CMS experiment data, CERN
  • Team supervision and contact for the simulation in the CMS SiStrip tracker
  • International team collaboration and communication
  • Chairman of the research center seminars and representative for the institute scientific personnel
  • Knowledge transmission and vulgarisation
CP3 (UCLouvain)
FRIA Grant (2011-2014)
Sept. 2010- Dec. 2014

Internship in CMS

  • Data analysis and algorithms improvements
August 2010


Online Certifications

  • Courses by the Johns Hopkins University on Coursera:
    R Programming, Getting and Cleaning Data, Exploratory Data Analysis
(Johns Hopkins University)
Dec. 2014

PhD Student lectures Particle physics oriented

  • BND graduate school in particle physics, Sept. 2011, Hoenderloo (Nl)
  • Data-Mining
2010- 2012

MSc in physics

  • Experimental physics oriented: Data-analysis, detectors, ...
  • Thesis consisting in a CERN experiment data analysis
2005- 2010

Computer Skills

Good , Medium, Notions, Superficial (low or old knowledge)
  • Data Analysis

    Python Spark Scala Machine Learning Open Source C++ (Data Analysis) Bash script Zeppelin Jupyter Command line QlikView R SQL D3.js Git JSON Excel Neo4j Web scraping Spotfire Highcharts Matlab SAS Enterprise Miner/Guide Tableau
  • Web development

    php JavaScript HTML5 & CSS3 jQuery, jQuery Mobile Angular.js
  • Others

    Powerpoint MS Word OpenOffice/LibreOffice Linux LaTeX VIM perl Java VHDL Gimp Inkscape gnuplot

Outside work interests

  • The smile of my wife and my little girl
  • Broaden my knowledge and keep my mind open to the outside
  • Be up-to-date and test the technical and analytics developments in data science
  • Running


  • Oral Presentations:

    • Invited talk at Vertex2013, Lake Starnberg (Germany), “Overview of the CMS Strip and Pixel detector”, September 2013
    • Phenomenology symposium 2013, Pittsburgh (US-PA), "Searches for Long-lived Charged Particles in pp Collisions at sqrt(s)=7 and 8 TeV at CMS ”, May 2013
  • Posters:

    • Belgian Physical Society meeting 2013 (Louvain-la-Neuve), "Searches for Long-lived Charged Particles in pp Collisions at sqrt(s)=7 and 8 TeV at CMS", 22 May 2013
    • LHCC Meeting (CERN), "Search for Heavy Stable Charged Particles in pp collisions at sqrt(s)=7 TeV", March 2011
  • School:

    • BND graduate school in particle physics, Sept. 2011, Hoenderloo (Nl) (no talk)


As a CMS member, I'm co-author of all CMS papers since April 2011, but was an active contributor to: